Alex Lim | Photographer - Seattle Fashion Photography



Alex Lim

Photographer + Creative Content Producer.

Based in Seattle.

Primarily working in fashion + model photography, including editorial, beauty, and a variety of commercial applications.

Clientele type ranges from apparel, lifestyle, travel, and portraiture.

Working professionally since 2005, mostly along the US west coast, while periodically taking assignments in Asia.

Alex has a bi-cultural Chinese/European heritage, and was raised first generation American.

Drawn to the melting pot concept, beauty in ethnic ambiguity, and non-mainstream aesthetics.

Prior to photography, spent 20 years training and teaching in a variety of martial arts. 

In recent years has focused on outdoor lifestyle, wilderness, and film.

Creative services are available à la carte - Still Photography, Video, Aerial Video, Production, Art Direction, Talent Casting, Location Scouting, and more.