Alex Lim | Photographer - Seattle Fashion Photography



Hello, my name is Alex Lim, and I am a photographer from and based in Seattle.

My focus is primarily fashion and model-related photography, which includes editorial, beauty, and commercial applications.  My client type ranges from local, regional, and international apparel companies, designers, corporate, portraiture, and more.

I’ve been shooting since 2005, primarily up and down the west coast, though periodically I take assignments in Asia. In 2013 I did a national 35-city ‘road trip’ tour, which allowed me to shoot for new agencies and clients while producing fashion photography workshops.

Before photography I spent 20 years training in and teaching a variety of martial arts.  From that period of my life I learned discipline and confidence. It definitely shaped the way I look at the world and keeps me driven. I’m never satisfied. I'm self-critical in particular and very discerning of every image I share with the world.

My ‘wing’ logo is a reminder that through sweat, tears, & blood spent in hard work one can ‘take flight’ to greater heights.

I was raised as first generation America, coming from a bi-cultural Chinese/European family.  I’m drawn to the melting pot concept, ethnic ambiguity, and non-mainstream aesthetics.

In recent years, backpacking and the ‘wilderness experience’ have become a major facet of my being.  It’s my personal and professional passion in one. It gives me peace of mind and inspiration for future work.  

I always aim to create evocative images for my clients. I do this by finding beauty in my subjects and pushing the image towards the right degree of fantasy, simplicity, perfection, or truth.